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  • 3D real mink fur lashes
    3D real mink fur lashes 2021.08.27

    Our company only focus on eyelashes, related tools and full set of solution for eye related business.

  • Beauty Show
    Beauty Show 2021.07.07

    Every year, we follow the major cosmetic expos around the world for the latest trends, newest designs and the most fashionable packaging ideas.

  • Lash glue eyeliner
    Lash glue eyeliner 2021.07.07

    Lash glue eye liner is our newest products and hot selling products Lash glue and Lash eyeliner in one pen, So not need special lash glue now;

  • Soft and comfortable band real mink lashes
    Soft and comfortable band real mink lashes 2021.07.07

    We only choose those young and strong Siberian mink to select the fur. The fur is with natural tip, more glossy and flexible.

  • Why 100 mink lashes
    Why 100 mink lashes 2021.07.07

    Here let’s see this 100 mink lashes. Do you know why we choose the mink lashes but not use the dog hair ..pig’s hair....