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A Full Guide to Eyelash Extensions Mega Volume


For those who want an ultra-dramatic lash effect, classic lash extensions just don’t make the cut. This is where mega-volume eyelash extensions come into the picture. 

Mega volume lashes are ideal for clients who want to flaunt a super long, elongated, voluminous, and dramatic lash look. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through lash extensions mega volume and how you can use them to give your clients the perfect show-stopper look!

What is Eyelash Mega Volume?

Mega volume lashes can take anyone’s lash game to a whole new level. 

Classic eyelash extensions allow the lash technician to apply one lash per natural lash, creating a fuller but natural look. Volume lash extensions allow the technician to apply two to eight lashes per natural lash, giving the client a denser and more fluttery lash effect. 

But with mega volume, you can apply 10  to 16 lashes per natural lash to create a stunningly dramatic lash look. 

With a lash diameter of 0.03 or 0.05, they are ultra-thin, lightweight, and comfortable. The lashes are first put together as a fan and then applied on the natural lash. 

Mega volume lash extensions offer a more luscious, fluttery eye look that’s best for those who like to make heads turn. 

Who’s Suitable For Eyelash Mega Volume?

Mega volume is the lash extension for clients who want an over-the-top, more pronounced look. These extensions give them a super-full lash look without additional mascara. 

So, if you have a client who’s not interested in playing it subtly and wants their lashes to do the talking, mega-volume lash extensions are the right choice for them. 

It is important to note that the client’s natural lashes should be strong enough to carry the weight of mega volume. Their natural lashes will prematurely shed if they have weak lashes. So, as a lash technician, you must properly assess how many lashes can be applied depending on the strength of the natural lash. Even if a client wants that extra flair but whose lashes are not strong enough, the mega volume may not be suitable for them. 

It is crucial to clean them daily and give them proper aftercare to maintain them and keep them fluffy and clean. 

Whether a client wants to go all out for a special event or just wants to flaunt thick lashes, mega-volume extensions are the right choice for them. 

Symmetry and Balance Are the Keys

Mega volume extensions are safe when applied properly. An asymmetrical fan will not have an equally balanced weight, affecting the look and distributing uneven pressure on the natural lash. On the other hand, when the lashes are equally spaced, they create a stunning voluminous look. 

When considering weight and balance, you also need to take the adhesive into consideration. Choosing the right amount of adhesive for mega-volume lash extensions is very important. As there is already enough weight of the fan on the eyelash, applying too much adhesive will not only weigh down the lash but will also make the natural and artificial lashes stick uncomfortably together. It will make the lashes look sloppy, and the extensions may even fall off prematurely.