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The ultimate guide to lash mapping: 3 free downloadable lash maps!


Since eyelash extensions came to be, there have been numerous lash styles which have been created. Some stood the test of time while others faded into obscurity. We're here to help you get started with the three most commonly used lash maps so that you can wow your clients with perfect bespoke sets time and time again! 

If you've ever been unsure which style will best suit a client’s eye shape, or how to map like a PRO, we've rounded up the top three most common lash styles with free downloadable mapping to help you decide which style will best suit your client 

1 - Dolly 

Best for:⁠

• Creating an open-eye effect

• Flat eyes to make them appear more rounded

• Small eyes to make them appear larger

• A deep set of eyes

If your client has a wide set of eyes, a dolly style will create the illusion of that space between their eye being drawn together, so it will be quite complementary to their overall look! It's best to avoid this particular lash map for those clients with an already closed set of eyes, as again, it will bring them closer together.

Download dolly mapping here 

2 - Squirrel

Amazing for:

• Lifting up the outer corner lashes which are growing downwards

• If the eyes are downturned

• Eyes that have a large gap between the lash line and the arch of the eyebrows

• A close set of eyes to create the appearance of extra space

Golden rule: If you’re unsure of the best style for your client, you can never go wrong with a squirrel!

Download squirrel mapping here 

3 - Cat

Perfect for:

• Clients with a close set of eyes whose eyelashes are naturally lifted up in the outer corners.

• Large, rounded, bulbous eyes to soften their appearance

If eyelashes aren’t naturally lifted upwards in the outer corners, be cautious to not create a sad-eye effect with this look. For clients with downward-growing lashes, try an M or L curl in the outer corners for the extra lift!

This look does not make the eye appear bigger, it makes them appear wider, so if someone has smaller eyes opt for a dolly!

Download cat mapping here