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How to Clean Your Eyelash Tweezer?


As lash artists, we use our products every day! Day in and day out our products never fail us. They are always taking care of us, so in return, we need to take care of them. Keeping them in tip-top shape and ready for our day will help us be prepared for our clients. Let's talk about how to properly clean your tweezers! 

It is proper to disinfect your tweezers after each client. You do not want to cross-contaminate by using the tweezers on one client and then using them on another client. Your tweezers should be clean after each client. This is why it is a good idea to have extras on hand!

You will need Barbicide and an Implement tray to properly clean your tweezers. To prep, your tweezers for disinfecting you will need Acetone and a cotton swab. 

Step 1: If you get adhesive on your tweezer tips (don't worry we all do) you will want to get that off first! With a cotton swab pour a dime size amount of acetone on it and wipe at the tips. Wipe those tweezer tips until the adhesive comes off.

*Keep in mind if you have colored tweezers or any kind of tweezers with a finish you will want to be careful not to wipe that color off. 

Step 2: Mix Barbicide and water in the implement tray. (Mix ratios according to manufacturers instructions) 

Step 2: Place Tweezers in the tray and let soak. We recommend soaking for ten minutes. (always check manufacturers instructions though)

*Keep in mind if you soak these for too long the color on your tweezers if any may be compromised.

Step 3: Wash with warm water then dry! We recommend storing your tweezers in a clean implement tray and slash keep them separate from dirty ones. 

Your tweezers are now ready for their next client. It is an extra step in your day to clean those tweezers, but it is so important! Stay clean out here lash artists!