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How to improve communication skills of eyelash technician?


In the eyelash industry, most technicians are young in age, and their experience is not very rich, in the process of communicating with customers, will encounter a lot of embarrassing scenes. The service industry needs to have a dialogue and communication with customers, so the content and manner of speaking are particularly important.

So, from what aspects should help eyelash technicians to improve their communication skills?

First, Professional skills

Eyelash technicians must seriously study professional knowledge, be skilled in operating technology and techniques, and often view articles on products, technology, and standardized processes.

As a lash technician, with the core content of beauty technology, and with the standard service process of lash extensions operation, these are standardized content that can be blurted out. When customers hear the content of these standardized processes, they will feel that the store is very professional.

Second, language skills

Why do we emphasize language here? Because language is complex, it is also learnable, that is, language level and communication skills can be improved through certain ways and means. The language here includes online learning, bookcase reading, knowledge sharing, online and offline training, and so on.

Today, mainly from four aspects to help the lash technicians to expand language knowledge and improve their overall quality of them.

1. Enrich your reading

This direction sounds a little difficult, and also a little bit, but I explained the following 3 aspects, that lash technicians will be very happy to accept.

1) In terms of life, the private chat of the eyelash technicians, such as between colleagues, girlfriends, friends, or even when buying in the supermarket or hearing other people’s conversation in the barbershop, can be used as reading material because the scene in life is a story.

2) In terms of work, daily self-examination, thinking, and summarizing the problems encountered in daily work can also enrich experience and reading. Reading is not limited to words.

3) In terms of learning, the daily training of the store is also a kind of reading. The experience shared by the store manager and the course content learned by the store owner outside and then shared with the eyelash technicians are all very good reading content. Sharing is the best way to learn.

1. Focus on hot topics

1) Pay attention to fashion media, news, headlines, economic situation, national policies, etc., try to pay attention to some local popular subscription accounts, you can see some local related news, which can improve the taste of eyelash technicians

For example, The customer made an appointment to have eyelashes done at 11 am on Monday, and there would be some warm-up topics before the official operation. Then the eyelash technician said to the customer, ” I just saw the news this morning that…”

2) Pay attention to entertainment gossip, celebrity news, etc., this is one of the women’s favorite topics, I don’t need to say more. However, by all means, do not talk about the gossip of people around, at the same time please pretended not to hear it when customers chat or chat with friends about people’s gossip around.

1. Team Sharing

1) There must be team members in weekly meetings, morning meetings, evening parties, regular training, regular sharing meeting, and other meetings to discuss technology and problems. This shared content is very good language material because you can be in the process of chatting with customers.

2) Case sharing. Through case study by the team, we can learn from the real cases of other lash technicians the problems that cannot be touched by a certain expert and deal with some difficult questions from customers.

1. Customer Information

1) Check the basic information of customers before operation. View, memory, analysis of customer information, through the age, customer work, the last grafting time, grafting style, eyelash length & curl, etc., to facilitate the eyelash technicians to achieve full confidence in communication with the customer. This can also make customers feel the lash technician is very close, careful, and professional.

2) This point is the first point of the content of the strengthening, is: lash technician must remember the name of the customer, this point is extremely important, although the name is only a code, in the process of conversation, the lash technician remember the name of the customer. Customers will feel that you value her very much, will have a good impression of you, and you are willing to talk friendly.

It is recommended that you spend 30 minutes each day and start practicing in one of the above directions that interests you. No matter how introverted you are, you can change into an extroverted and professional eyelash technician in front of customers.

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