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What are mink lashes?


In the eyelashes industry, because of the cheap price and cost-effective, faux mink eyelashes have accounted for most of the false eyelash market share; and mink hair false eyelashes, because of high cost, high price, have always been favored only by minority groups.

So why did the big brands start to push the false lashes of mink fur from 2021 onwards?

What is the difference between mink false eyelashes and faux mink false lashes?

What are their respective strengths?What are mink lashes What are mink lashes What are mink lashes

Here we answer one by one.

·Q: Compared with faux mink eyelashes, what are the advantages of mink eyelashes?


1. 3D effect is more obvious; fluffier and thicker.

2. Feel more like human hairs.

3. Compared with the same volume of faux mink false eyelashes, mink eyelashes are more light-some, not heavy.What are mink lashes What are mink lashes What are mink lashes

·Q: What are mink eyelashes?

·A: Using mink hair for processing, hand-crafted eyelashes; eyelash hairs are 100% mink

hairs without adding any other faux mink hairs.What are mink lashesWhat are mink lashesWhat are mink lashes

·Q: Made from pure mink hairs, the eyelashes are sanitary?

·A: False eyelashes in the production process, need to be shaped and curved through high temperature, the temperature is above 220℉, While shaping, it also has the function of sterilization. So product hygiene can be guaranteed.

·Q: What are the precautions for using mink false eyelashes?

·A: Mink hair and human hair are afraid of the same high temperature, cannot be washed with hot water, so when wearing mink eyelashes, as far as possible to avoid steam bath/overheating spa.

·Q: Are false eyelashes reusable?

·A: Yes, false eyelashes are reusable.

Generally, mink hair eyelashes can be worn more than 20 times, while the normal faux mink false eyelashes can only be worn more than 15 times.

Our advantages:

1.As for the band: now the invisible band and black band are popular.The eyelash band is standard material same quality as international famous brand’s, softer, more skin-friendly, not easy to harden, not easy to deformation, can be used longer.

2.We now have over 200 styles of mink eyelashes, can provide private labeling for existing styles; we also accept custom eyelashes styles according to your samples, Including 1: 1 precision sample production and charge free for eyelash and packaging design.

3.We can provide a variety of international beauty makeup first-class packaging: paper printing packaging, injection plastic packaging. Company with a professional design team can provide customers with design and production of one-stop service.

4.We can sign a confidentiality agreement with the customer to ensure that the customer’s order information, eyelash style information, packaging information without leakage.

5.In addition to mink hair false eyelashes, we have eyelash products at different prices to cater to different markets. Our eyelash factory has more than 10 years’ export experience, has accurate control of lash styles and professionalism. We can help guests who choose custom made lashes to choose the best-selling style, for the promotion of later publication to provide a great convenience.

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