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Why 100 mink lashes


Here let’s see this 100 mink lashes. Do you know why we choose the mink lashes  but not use the dog hair ..pig’s hair....The reason is the mink hair have more natural hair strip, then the mink hair waterproof ,also is the mink hair More resistant to high temperature, more tenacious. Recently we show so many this series style ,short in the corner ,then longer and longer .why creator this shape and this shape style very popular. Pls see our own eyelashes, in the inner eye corner look short and the out eye corner looks longer. According to this, so we creator so many style to ensure every pair lashes can attractive the best effect. Let every pair lashes can perfect fusion with our own eyelashes.

Let's see the wear effect, just same as the so many 3d mink lashes, this style also have different levels, when wear it. Make your eyes look softer and naural.