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There are many kinds of eyelash glue for eyelash extension adhesives in our company, such as all natural eyelash extension glue, angel wings lash glue, aquila lash glue, battington lash glue, biya eyelash glue, blink lash adhesive bonding glue, cyanoacrylate eyelash glue, dolly lash glue, extra strong lash glue, fast drying eyelash glue, formaldehyde lash glue, fusion eyelash glue, high humidity lash glue, permanent lash glue, latex eyelash glue, semi permanent eyelash extension glue, waterproof eyelash glue for swimming, etc. The drying time of our premium eyelash glue from 0.5 -0.8 seconds and the lasting time of our professional lash glue from 2-7 weeks time, sensitive optimum lash glue and normal good eyelash extension glue, private labeling package is available.

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