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Natural daily mink lash is now the latest trend in the beauty industry. As a professional manufacturer of high-quality mink lashes, Claire Beauty now presents you with the most natural daily use mink eyelashes. Claire Beauty's natural 3D mink lashes are designed with different sizes, mixing short and long lashes. These lashes can give your eyes a real 3D effect and a more glamorous and fluffy look. They can easily make your eyes larger and more attractive.

At present, there are two types of natural mink lashes for sale at Claire, which give totally different effects: individual eyelashes and eyelashes strips. While individual eyelashes help create a more natural look and they need to be glued individually, strips can help you to create a more dramatic look and attract more attention.

Natural daily use mink lash can be wear at any time, from casual to formal occasions. All you need to do is make sure they are applied correctly and you are going to look beautiful. Natural 3D mink lashes can be used simple or combined with makeup, depending on people's preferences.

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