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We are one of the professional eyelash vendors in the manufacturing of mink fur lashes, silk lashes, eyelash extensions, magnetic lashes for 10 years, we have more than 1,000 styles of lashes, also we continue to expand our new styles as clients request and our designer, so we have a wide range of styles to suit different eyes types and meet the client's needs. We only produce high-quality products to our clients, we can assure our customers with our professional experience of the eyelashes market, we provide high-level services including designer, OEM, ODM, high quality, lower costs, and fast delivery time. Choose Claire beauty lashes, choose confidence satisfaction, join us now! Have a wonderful life.

  • Does your mink fur lashes use the real mink hair?

    We guarantee that all our luxury mink lashes are made of 100% mink hair, mink hair looks more natural and extremely softer than fibers.

  • Are there any cruelty of your mink lashes?

    Our mink lashes are 100% cruelty-free, mink are shedding hair at a certain period, so it is totally unnecessary to harm the lovely animals, and absolutely no harm is done to animals.

  • Dose the mink lashes hygeian?

    All mink fur has to be filled in spots with clear mild water for hours to wash clean, then go through 300 degrees centigrade process to kill germs.

  • What's the normal life of the eyelash extensions?

    The eyelash extension silk all import from south Korean, the material are finest, thinnest, and soft, it's can last 4-6weeks with proper care.

  • What is the advantage of the eyelash extension?

    DIY as you like, No band at all, 0.07mm per hair, No knot/glue, Natural looking, Fewer flares, long time lasting.

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